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  • Apollo Pro

    The Apollo Pro was designed to meet the needs of the most demanding riders. Centred around high performance, it reaches a top speed of 65 KM/H and boasts a range of 90-110 KM. The advanced spring suspension system ensures the Pro can handle any trail and street alike, while the large deck gives you the space to ride comfortably for hours. The Apollo Pro sits at the cutting edge of scooter technology, while remaining within the realm of practicality.

    Speed: 60 km/h
    Range: 90 km
    Highlights: Powerful dual 1000w motors, handles dirt roads, advanced spring suspension system.

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  • Dualtron Mini

    The new Dualtron Mini sure packs a lot of power for its size.  At 52 volt with a 17.5Ah battery with LG MJ1 cells this is a nice step up from the Speedway Leger or Mini 4 Pro and a great way to enter into the quality of Dualtron scooters. The Dualtron Mini also features a newly designed lighting system and folding mechanism which will definitely make you the envy of your city!  Break free from your commute with the new Dualtron Mini!

    Speed: 50 km
    Range: 40km for 13Ah / 55 km for 17Ah

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  • Dualtron Storm

    The Storm comes standard with a swappable 72 Volt, 31.5 Ah LG battery pack with remote charge ports allowing you to charge the battery anywhere while giving you up to 128 kilometers of range.  With Tesla-like acceleration, the 40 amp smart motor controllers and 6,700 watt BLDC motors will make this your personal urban rocket ship!

    Industry first quick disconnect motors makes for easy wheel removal to simplify maintenance. Waterproofing is improved, electronic cooling is improved, the double latch headset is improved.  The list goes on and on.

    Speed: 100 km
    Range: 128 km

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  • Dualtron X II

    In an effort to continually push the boundaries of what electric technology is capable of, MiniMotors has created the Dualtron X2.  This is the new powerhouse of our lineup.  With eXtreme 8,300 watt max BLDH hub motors, 13 inch ultra wide tires, 72V 42Ah battery pack with LG cells, the Dualtron X2 is the new king of electric scooters!

    Seat kit sold separately.

    Speed: 105 kmh
    Range: 150 km

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    Flex-E 2.0 Carbon Fibre Electric Skateboard

    The Flex-E 2.0 Carbon Fibre is the ultimate in no-compromise performance. Unreal acceleration with a 0-20mph time of just 7.9 seconds and topping out at 27mph.

    Full Urethane edge and hexagonal core cutouts ensure lightness and strength. This is the only deck you’ll want to ride.

    – Atomic Orange Limted Edition available here

    – Electric Purple Limited Edition available here

    – Standard Maple Edition available here

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  • IENYRID 4 wheel skateboard

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  • Kaabo Wolf Warrior

    The Kaabo Wolf Warrior is a high speed electric scooter designed for the ultimate on or off road experience. Its motorcycle grade inverted hydraulic front shock absorbers and rear spring brake enable ride in any terrain. The two powerful brushless 1200W motors in combination with two 40A controllers deliver a peak output of 5400W and climb up to 30% inclines with ease.

    Topspeed: 80 km/h
    Range: 110 km (on eco mode, single drive)

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  • Onewheel XR

    Meet the life-changing float machine: Onewheel XR. The most awesome and fun ride on the planet. It gives the feeling of snowboarding on any kind of road. Hack your commute and float to work, or dominate any terrain on the weekend. Learn to manoeuvre in 5 minutes, it’s that easy.
    Make sure to upgrade your Onewheel XR with a Fender to keep your pants free of dirt.

    Speed 30km/h
    Range 28km

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  • Phaewo Electric scooter 350W e scooter

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  • QMWHEEL Electric Scooter

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    Urban 80 Electric Skateboard


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  • Vesper Bike

    Finally an electric fat bike that has it all for an affordable price. The Vesper bike has built in lights, footpegs and a range up to 80 kilometers. Since the Vesper bike goes 25 km/h you do not need a drivers license or insurance to drive this electric bike.

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  • Xiaomi M365 1S

    Looking into buying an electric scooter for your commute? The new and improved Xiaomi M365 1S is just for you. With a top speed of 25 km/h and a range of 18 to 25. it’s the perfect electric scooter for both experienced riders and newcomers to the e-scooter scene, with a sleek minimal black design.

    Topspeed: 25km/h
    Range: 18-25km
    Highlights: Improved allround, European service, Shock absorption.

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  • Zero 10X Turbowheel Lightning

    The Zero 10X is a high-performance electric scooter backed by the quality and brand reputation of Zero. It has all the stats that one would expect of a beast-mode electric scooter, but at an incredible value. Dual 1200 W motors, dual brakes, and dual suspension make this an on- and off-road beast. The front and rear spring shocks soak up any rough terrain you throw at it. In the city, potholes, road debris, and trash will be no match for the Zero 10X at nearly any speed. Off the road, the suspension has enough travel to take jumps.

    Topspeed: 25km/h & 65 km/h unlocked.
    Range: 70-90km
    Highlights: Powerful motors, high performance, semi-hydraulic adjustable suspension.

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